My sense is that I was born with a yearning to help people. When I was little, I really Leah mohammedwanted to be a doctor, a pediatrician. As I grew up and realized I didn’t quite have the right skills to be a doctor, I migrated towards ecology and settled on a career in environmental policy. For many years I aimed to create better choices for people, so they could live more sustainable lives. As my experience accumulated, I learned you can’t change others, even if you gave them the best options in the world, you can only change yourself.

My spiritual journey began in my early twenties. In elementary school, I really had a hard time learning; it took me many years to learn how to read and write; even today, I have difficulty spelling. Back in the ‘80’s learning disabilities were rarely tested. Over a decade later when I reached University, school became overwhelming. It was an advisor who helped me get tested and to begin to understand that I learn in a different way. After I understood that I had a reading disorder, I spent a couple years figuring out how my brain worked and how best I could learn new things.

My first step on my spiritual journey was to stop calling myself “stupid” (you can read more about that part of my journey here), which opened up my mind to greater possibilities. As the years went by and I continued my studies, I found I could learn faster than before, and as I introduced positive affirmations (you can read more about that part of my journey here), my confidence in how smart I was grew.

After 8 years of higher education, with 2 bachelor’s degrees and a masters completed, I found a job with the United Nations helping to organize and carry out projects on environmental policies. It was a good job, except that it was on a contract basis and paid very poorly. But I got to travel to many countries and I enjoyed the work I did, until the stress of the job deteriorated my mental and physical condition. So, I left. By that time, I had already spent a decade experimenting with different personal development tools, including introspective meditation, mirror work, journaling and positive affirmations.

In my new found freedom, I decided to switch careers and become an energy healer. It is interesting that when you make a decision that is aligned with your higher self how fast things happen. My contract with the United Nations ended in June 2016 and 2 months later, I volunteered for the 41st Conference on Science and Spirituality, organized by the SSF-IIIHS and held at the Hyatt Regency Montreal, where I was introduced to about half a dozen different energy healing techniques (you can read about that part of my journey here). By January 2017, I started my training to become a Love EnergeticsⓇ practitioner.

After a one year program, I became a certified energy healer. I now have the privilege to fulfill my passion of helping other. I help people to understand that they no longer need to feel overwhelmed by their thoughts and emotions, through one-on-one energy healing sessions, transformative writings and workshops.