In this series of transformational writings I share how I started on my spiritual journey. I explain the many curves along the path and how they have come to transform me. We all have moments of uncertainty, doubt and fear. It is our ability to learn from these experiences–to release whatever aspect of our darker self that we feel is holding us back from what we want–that peel back the layers allowing us to connect to the greater whole.

In these writings you will see how my beliefs were redefined to reflect my growing understanding of my power to change my world. Our desire to no longer want to hold onto anything within that causes dis-harmony ensures that we are working towards manifesting what we want by choosing to embrace the higher vibrational state in all moments. In the end we always prevail because a greater power, our Higher Self, is by our side guiding us and simultaneously ensuring what we want comes to us in the right time and space.

I also share what I have come to believe through my transformational experiences, providing a lense for you to reflect on your life circumstances. To acquire what we want, we must first recognize that our duty is to find our way back into alignment with our Higher Self. In doing so, we simultaneously embrace our true potential as creators in service to humanity and bring forth that which makes us happy, our desires. I hope you enjoy my stories and find some meaning in these words to empower you to embrace beliefs that better serve you and increase your vibrational alignment to a happier state of Being.

I just want to thank my family a million-fold for their endless support and love along my journey. They are key partners in my learning processes of life. They have always helped me to choose a higher feeling and create a different view to living that allows life to flow more fluidly. Love you all!

Happy reading!