When I first witnessed Yvon perfectly align someone’s shoulder blades it was unbelievable to me. It was almost like watching one of those religious gatherings in which people are spontaneously healed. Except the crowd wasn’t overexcited, they were subdued with shock.

Yvon Dubé is the source in which a powerful type of energy healing was channeled through. One day, while making no progress working on a client, he decided to let go. As a result, he entered into a connection with his heart space and instantaneously released the client’s sciatic nerve. Two years latter Love Energetics® was developed and being taught to students in Canada and Europe.

My introduction to Love Energetics, and the power of Yvon’s healing touch, began at the 41st Conference on Science and Spirituality organized by the SSF-IIIHS at the Hyatt Regency Montreal in August 2016. I was volunteering at the conference. It was about 20 minutes through his presentation when he started the demonstrations. An audience member was selected and stood at the front of the room. Yvon’s assistant positioned a camera to project the volunteer’s upper back onto the big screen. Then Yvon placed his outstretched thumbs under the shoulder blades of the volunteer to demonstrate that one side was much higher than the other. “Shoulders perfectly align,” he stated. Then, in real time, we all watched the shoulder blades evened out. One was no longer higher than the other. The audience was quiet and contemplative. Then he took other volunteers and did it again and again. The audience started to revive itself, talking in whispers at first, then normal voices. He moved onto aligning audience members’ hips and clearing energy blockages in the organs. The more healings he did the more excited people became. By the end of his second presentation the whole audience was frenzied, a few shouting questions wanting to know how this could be.

As I left the room I was still in shock. The only question that had arisen in me was “Is this real?” Just then, I encountered a member of the audience that had volunteered to experience Yvon’s healing touch. Like me, Conroy was a fellow volunteer at the conference. I asked him what his impression was of his experience. He seemed as if he was on cloud nine. The euphoria running through him was clear. He loved it – it all felt very real and amazing to him. I absorbed his emotional impressions and left to resume my post selling books.

Over the next few months I would ask my inner self multiples times per day “was what I witnessed real.” The answer was always “yes.” I have come to learn that we are deeply entrenched in what we are programmed to believe. When we witness an event that is “outside of the box” chances are our mind will cover up anything contradictory to our current beliefs systems and we will forget that it happened. To break through our conditionings we must keep witnessing extraordinary events and integrate them into our programming so that they become normalized.

A couple of months before the conference I had decided that I wanted to become an energy healer, so over the course of the 10-day event I attended as many healing sessions as my volunteer schedule permitted. I learned how to scan and feel energy in a Pranic Healing session. I learned how to do a kinesiology self-test in a ThetaHealing® session. I learned how to use tuning forks to raise the frequency of painful areas in a vibrational healing session. I also learned to feel the outer edges of my energy structure with CoreIndividuation®. Although many of the healing sessions I experienced were also powerful, they didn’t have the same visual impact that Yvon’s demonstrations had, which made more of an impression on me. Yet the question of “was it real” persisted.

I began consuming all the information and videos I could find on Love Energetics, all the while asking my inner self “was this real.” As I watched video after video in September 2016, the question became less incessant and my need to hear that “yes” diminished. Yvon’s explanation of the theory behind the technique was beginning to register. In an hour-long video my new reality began to sink in. By that time I must have seen Yvon do over 50 alignments before it became a “normal” thing to see.  

The Love Energetics’ YouTube channel has a number of testimonials. There was one testimony in particular that struck me. It was of a lady explaining how undergoing Love Energetics treatments had allowed her mind to calm down and she felt at peace. After watching that testimony three times in a row I knew that was what I wanted to achieve and that Love Energetics was the right technique for me.

In discussing with others I realized that I wasn’t the only one who had a hard time accepting the power of Love Energetics®. But by watching over and over again what my conditioned mind believed was a miracle I became accustomed to seeing miracles. And as I practiced the technique on others, and saw what I was capable of initiating, my programming expanded to include the miracles brought about by Love Energetics. Now as a Love Energetics practitioner my belief system has broadened considerably and what were once miracles to me are now normal. Yet I know I can still go further by witnessing even more unbelievable events and continuing to normalize them into my programming.