The energy healing modality Love Energetics® operates at a level that is beyond most forms of healing. It is a simple meditation technique that is easily learned and has long-lasting effects that bring a greater sense of calm, confidence and connectedness to the mind, body and soul. Every student’s journey with Love Energetics is profound, so mine is no more or less transformational than the other students who undertook the certification process with me. As I truly believe in the effectiveness of this technic I hope other students choose to share their Love Energetics transitions as well.

I undertook the first level of training, Foundation Workshop, at the end of October in 2016. The liberations I felt motivated me to practice on my family and friends. At first it was difficult to articulate what transformations were taking place. It took a couple of months and a few treatments to recognize that chronic pain had disappeared. What I felt but found it hard to put into words was enough for me to decide to continue on to the certification process. From January to December 2017, as I underwent Love Energetics Level 1 (general health) training, I would experience numerous liberations and countless shifts in my consciousness.

The best way I can summarize my transformation is that Love Energetics treatments work at peeling back the layers of conditioning that have built up and clogged our ability to hear our Higher Self (or subconscious or your term) and to connect to Unity Consciousness (or Universe or God or your term) as used on the Love Energetics website. When we first receive healing sessions the outer layers are washed away—the layers with the lighter programming, the beliefs and patterns we no longer have any use for. As we continue our healing sessions, the middle and denser layers are shed—the layers with patterns we no longer want because they create disharmony and prevent us from achieving our desires. The more treatments we receive the more layers we can transform and shed until we reach the beautiful state of Unity Consciousness where we feel connected with everything and everyone, including our maker, and this brings a state of bliss.

In cleansing the outer layers of programming, Love Energetics healing sessions allowed me to gain confidence; reduce the amount of unwanted thoughts I was identifying with; improve my communication and ability to express myself; and motivated me to accelerate my healing. In shedding the middle layers of conditioning, I found a more peaceful version of me! I regained repressed memories; I strengthened my ability to be with, accept and release the wide variety of my emotions and feelings; I actively took action to achieve what I wanted without hesitation; and I gained so much self-compassion that I allowed myself space to transform each unwanted conditioning in its own time and space.

At the time of writing of this story, in April 2018, my spiritual journey has brought me to a space of simultaneous excitement and inner calm. My body has found a new equilibrium where almost all aches and pains I was conscious of are gone, and where some I didn’t even know existed have disappeared. I am now compassionately conscious of the remaining discomforts held within my body, meaning I can feel and disidentify with the annoyance that arises when I recognize a discomfort and give myself space to heal each one as my Kundalini flows. So when I look within, I often have a feeling of calm. Simultaneously, when I pay attention to my thoughts, most of them are visualizations about the ways in which I can contribute to creating a loving and kind world. These thoughts are so exciting I often get swept away. But I know that these are just thoughts and that one day I will also have to release this pattern.

Knowing where I am now allows me to reflect on the year of intense transformation and to single out some areas that Love Energetics treatments have shifted within me. What I am most conscious of is that Love Energetics healing sessions have improved my desire, willingness and action towards taking care of myself. For example, I’ve noticed that instead of just thinking that a given remedy would improve my health and I should do it, when I come across a remedy that my subconscious deems relevant for me I actually investigate, assess and put it into action. The Art of Self Understanding describes this process for reducing my allergies.

A second area that has shifted is my abilities to be sensitive to my body and its needs. Where before I was unaware that certain foods I consumed did not agree with my body, now I am naturally tuned into the bodily effects of eating disagreeable foods—and often I can sense there will be a reaction before I ingest something. For example, I found out that my occasional wrist pain in my left arm was not due to computer use but due to eating highly processed canola oil. Needless to say you really have to monitor your body and diet to be able to make these connections. Now, I eat well-balanced, organic meals about 90% of the time. My food evolution is described in Transitioning to Healthy Eating Habits (coming soon).

Another area that has shifted is my ability to feel the difference between what is going on within me and what I am picking up from others. As a highly empathic person this has brought considerable clarity to my daily life. Understanding the difference between my consciousness and other’s consciousness is explained in The Vibration of Thoughts (coming soon).

A fourth shift is my confidence in which I’ve noticed a number of improvements: the frequency of doubting thoughts has significantly diminished and almost all have disappeared (currently I have about one every three days); feeling that I can handle any situation has improved (I rarely stress about issues that are beyond my control); knowing what to say in every circumstance has increased (I can sense both mine and the others person’s emotional response to situations and choose a diplomatic path); and sensing that what I want is within reach and having the ability to do what is needed to bring it into my life has grown.

Over a period of a year and a half, through receiving Love Energetics healing sessions and connecting to my quantum Heart field, as per the Love Energetics technique, I have had significant transformations in my body, mind and energy structure or soul. Mentally, I’m calmer; physically, I’m more grounded; emotionally, I’m more centered; and spiritually, I’m more connected. In my journey towards Unity Consciousness, I’m looking forward to undergoing the Love Energetics Level 2 Kundalini certification programme. I anticipate that significant portions of my ego—or rather my identifications to my conditionings—will be easily shed, over the eight month process, in the light, love and security created by Love Energetics healing.