Ailments are like rivers flowing towards the sea. They have a direction and a purpose. Our disharmonies and diseases within are really there to teach us what patterns we have picked up over time that prevent us from living our purpose. When we are able to recognize the pattern associated with the ailment we open up a new world of self-healing.

One day I was walking to class when all of the sudden my hands started itching and soon my face began to itch as well. I quickly found a bathroom and washed my hands, but to no avail, my itchy skin had spread to my neck and my lips became swollen. Just as I was wondering what to do two security guards appeared and I explained to them what was going on. They quickly called emergency care and found me a seat. Within 5 minutes I was on the verge of collapsing as my throat was closing in, I felt very dizzy and my stomach had sharp pains. The guards questioned me about what I ate in considerable detail. I answered as best as I could.

Within a short period of time the firefighters showed up and immediately gave me a shot of epinephrine. A few minutes later the paramedics arrived and loaded me onto a stretcher. I was not feeling any better and could barely answer any questions. On the way to the hospital, the paramedic monitoring me gave me a second shot. Shortly thereafter I began to recover.

At the hospital, after I was checked in, I saw a doctor who noticed my improvements. Then the nurse took a sample of my blood to see if there were any markers in it to indicate what may have caused the allergic reaction. Afterwards, I found myself a corner in the waiting room and meditated. In a little over an hour I was feeling much better with almost no symptoms. An hour and half after that the doctor gave me the follow-up. There was nothing in my blood to indicate what I was allergic to so he gave me a referral for an allergy test. While he did not comment on how quickly I had recovered I could tell he looked quite shocked that I didn’t have symptoms anymore. He had to double check the report to verify the severity of my initial reaction. He then discharged me after five minutes of conversing. Throughout the experience I vibrationally sent my gratitude to the medical system and the people I encountered for the efficient functioning and friendly services I had received.

I knew the event was a significant message. My subconscious was trying to tell me that I was denying something. So a few days later, after I had processed the event by releasing the shock and fear associated with it, I began my self-inquiry. It would take about 3 months to build up enough understanding to recognize what the incident meant, and another week to gather up sufficient self-control to start to heal the condition. In other words I was opening up and preparing myself to release whatever pattern (the stuck energy) that lay within that was causing my allergic reaction.

To prepare myself to heal this condition I had to ensure that I was asking the right questions and receiving the appropriate answers. My goal was to find out what pattern or patterns within (specific thoughts) that resulted in me going into anaphylactic shock. When I asked myself what could have caused this spontaneous reaction, my gut feeling was not the food I ate (which had been two and a half hours prior to the medical emergency), but a combination of chemicals, most likely perfumes. What I then discovered through a documentary about autoimmune diseases was that when your lymphatic system does not drain properly you become more sensitive to smells. I knew immediately that that is what had happened; in fact I had become more sensitive to smells over the years and hadn’t paid much attention to it, except to stop using scented creams and candles. I realized in order to release the unwanted pattern I had to start by working on the physical. After some research I created my own program for improving my lymphatic drainage that included both energetic clearing using the Love Energetics technique, and physical methods, including supplements, massage, essential oils and dry brushing. Interestingly, after a couple of weeks I felt a huge improvement in the chronic tension I had in the tissues and muscles of my neck and head. I had no idea that this tension was related to improper lymphatic drainage. I actually had become so accustomed to the tension that I barely noticed it anymore. Once I felt I was ready to release the unwanted pattern from my energy structure, I just had to wait for the condition to reoccur.

One afternoon, after coming indoors from a beautiful walk in the sunshine I felt the same reaction again. As the itching spread from my hands to my throat, neck and tongue, I quickly assessed what thoughts had passed through my head in the three minutes prior to it starting. After a quick scan, I found the culprit. That morning I felt an expansion in my heart chakra—a warm and tingling sensation in the middle of my chest—and the thought was related to questioning what had prompted the expansion. The thought that caused the allergic reaction was the denial that I had healed a portion of my heart, myself; the thought went something like “You didn’t instigate that heart expansion, it was someone else doing energy work on you.”

It was the fact that I was denying my own abilities to heal myself that stared the allergic reaction. I was denying my own power. Once I had the culprit, I then began to accept the pattern through a series of affirmations I created on the spot.

  • I accept my ability to heal myself.
  • I love my ability to heal myself.
  • I am a powerful healer and I rejoice in my ability to heal myself.
  • I thank God for giving me the power and ability to heal myself.
  • I am so grateful to be able to look within and heal anything that doesn’t serve my higher purpose.

Within 15 minutes most of the symptoms disappeared or diminished significantly. Interestingly, it was the first symptom, the itching hands that held special significance. After further self-inquiry I realized that I was denying my ability to heal others through the power of words that can be typed using my hands. So within an hour of my reaction I had written a first draft of this story to share with you all.

The art of self-understanding is really the ability to monitor what you are thinking, to connect your thoughts to your ailments and to accept them as a mechanism of release. The art of self-understanding is to be able to engage self-inquiry by asking the right questions and receiving and trusting the responses. The art of self-understanding is to accept the answers that come to you so that you can balance healing the physical and the nonphysical. It is our ability to choose to change that brings understanding and allows us to connect our patterns to the diseases and disharmonies within. The more we practice accepting what is stuck in our energy structure the faster and easier it may be released, and the better our bodies and lives will feel.