Living the Divine Potential: Transforming Your Mind, Body and Energy inspires you to transform from the inside out. Through theory you learn to look at yourself in a way you never considered before, as an infinite being unconsciously conditioned, and as a result infinite self-compassion rises to the surface. Through a multitude of practices, you learn to transform your awareness—the key to creating the reality you want—from unconscious usages to conscious usages. In doing so, you regain your power over the present moment, your ability to be with anything that arises within you and you uncover and set your path to living your Divine potential.

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Revealing, uplifting and transformational! Living the Divine Potential presents a profoundly spiritual manifesto for transforming from who you think yourself to be to a Divinely inspired being.

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“Leah’s book LIVING THE DIVINE POTENTIAL: TRANSFORMING YOUR MIND, BODY AND ENERGY is an authentic rich compassionate personal journey shared with unconditional love to help those who want to transform and reduce personal and collective suffering.

This original practical easy to read and follow book has eight chapters, each chapter includes exercises and a transformational poem. In total there are twenty eclectic exercises and eight transformational poems.

Congratulations, you are the winning lucky soul, you have a wonderful treasure in your hands. Read, apply and transform your life, enjoy in gratitude.” 

July 2018
Fadel Behman, Ph.D., DSc
Holistic Energy Physicist