Occasionally we experience something so incredible that it forever changes our lives. For me Love Energetics® is such a powerful healing technique that when I receive or even give a treatment I can feel the shift within. My fearful introduction to Love Energetics was an interesting process (you can learn more about that part of my journey in the Art of Self Understanding). With Love Energetics I have moved from being absorbed with my frantic thoughts to being at peace with the thoughts that float in and out of my mind (see My Transformation with Love Energetics). Love Energetics has taught me that nothing is as what it seems on the surface.

It was through my year-long journey to become a Love Energetics practitioner that I begin to understand the uniqueness of this technique. In this section of the website you will find an array of articles from my perspective explaining: what kind of healing Love Energetics provides; an interpretation of how it works; whether this healing technique is right for you; and to how to prepare yourself for a session. You can book an in-person or long-distance healing session with me by clicking on the button below. For client testimonials please visit here.

I hope you find this healing technique as fascinating and captivating as I do. Truly, Love Energetics provides a doorway to healing that is more profound than can be described.

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Love Energetics Distance Healing Session 40 CAD
Love Energetics In-Person Healing Session 60 CAD