The physical world we see, hear, touch and interact in is made up of matter or molecules, which can be broken down into atoms that are, in turn, composed of electrons, neutrons and protons, which can be further broken down into smaller units. At the core of the smallest atomic units is energy. Matter is made of energy and thus underlying our physical world is the energy that creates it, often called life-force energy.

Eastern medicine as well as many cultures has recognized that energy is the underlying force of matter. There are hundreds of names in many languages that refer to this. Life-force energy is known as Chi in Chinese medicine and Prana in Hindu philosophy, including yoga. As such, most alternative healing techniques, such as Chi Kung, Quantum-Touch and Pranic Healing, utilize life-force energy as their basis.

When a practitioner directs their awareness to the nonphysical and physical parts of themselves that make up the Love Energetics® meditation they are connected to a level or dimension that underlies energy. This level or dimension is referred to as “Wu-Chi” by Taoists and “pure consciousness” in yoga philosophy. In Love Energetics the term “non-energy” is used. While energy is manifested within the physical world that we can see, non-energy is devoid of substance and maybe non-detectable. Despite this, some investigators are trying to understand what is non-energy. For example, Lynne McTaggart refers to non-energy as “The Field” in her books, including The Intention Experiment  and The Bond. In theory, non-energy directs energy and creates the physical by directing it to a certain state of existence or being.

In quantum physics, the discussion of the smallest units of energy, all matter has the ability to be both a particle and a wave and is probabilistic. Meaning, the fundamental unit that makes up our physical reality can “share” different states and the outcome of these states cannot be predicted with certainty in experiments. Simply stated, at the quantum level, the manifestation of energy has the possibility of creating different realities.

When you set an intention through a meditative connection with non-energy, theoretically, you are directing what state and reality you want matter to appear as. Therefore, when working at the level of non-energy, one can have a “quantum leap” by setting an intention that favours one manifestation over another. For example, when a practitioner is working on your physical structure, and states “hips perfectly align”, the hips adjust to this new reality, based on the person’s ability to integrate this intention.

Energy is the unit that underlies all physical matter. Life-force energy has been recognized by numerous cultures and utilized by different types of alternative healing techniques. Love Energetics operates at a level underlying life-force energy, referred to as non-energy, which, theoretically, allows an intention to direct our physical reality by favouring one manifestation over another.

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