Love Energetics® works anywhere on anyone who is open to change. The practitioner and the client need not be in the same room or even the same country. The powerfulness of Love Energetics is based on each person’s ability to allow the intentions placed on them to do their work. Therefore what is important is being open to change, so Love Energetics will have an effect on you.

In a Love Energetics distance healing session blockages within the energy structure are released, including repressed emotions and memories as well as repetitive behavioural patterns, that have an effect on the physical body. Physical tensions and emotional pains are liberated resulting in increased internal harmony at the emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Often after a few sessions, people find it easier to make lifestyle and other changes they always dreamed of making.

Love Energetics distance healing follows the same sequential and holistic protocol as an in-person treatment. The protocol includes realigning certain structures of the physical body (including shoulder blades and hips); harmonizing the chakras, including emotional processing, within the human energy structure; clearing emotional blockages held within the intestines and organs; and releasing any residual pains in the periphery of the body (including head, arms, back and legs). There are two main differences between an in-person healing session and a distance healing session. In a distance healing session pressure points are not tested to determine baseline discomfort levels and physical touch cannot be used to comfort the patient.

Love Energetics distance healing works at the level below energy, know as non-energy. Although our world appears to be physical, energy underlies what we see and touch and is non-physical. There are genuine ways of directing the non-physical, such as through intentions, that creates the physical. The Love Energetics technique sets healing intentions at the level of non-energy to guide the client to a different reality; one in which the pain they choose to release no longer exists.

We are all connected at a level that is beyond thinking; we are connected at the level that directs the very energy that forms our realities.

Love Energetics is a meditation technique that sets healing intentions at the level of non-energy using a profound connection with the heart. As such a practitioner can never harm or send mal intentions to a client as they are meditating from a space and vibration of love. Love Energetics distance healing sessions can:

  • Reduce stress;
  • Correct posture problems without physical adjustments;
  • Help relieve or clear away physical pains;
  • Improve general health;
  • Reduce cravings;
  • Improve motivation towards one’s ability to make changes in life (such as lifestyle or dietary changes);
  • Help improve emotional states and frees suppressed emotions;
  • Heighten the feeling of inner well-being and peace;
  • Help release and eliminate toxins in the body; and
  • Restore and increase our natural abilities to self-heal.

Love Energetics distance healing works well with persons who notice their behaviour and can self-monitor changes. By doing a physical, emotional and mental sell-assessment prior to every treatment and following every treatment, persons will be able to grasp just how powerful a Love Energetics facilitated transition can be.


Please note that a Love Energetics® practitioner cannot under any circumstances give you medical advice, diagnoses or prescriptions, or modify a treatment you are currently following. A Love Energetics® session does not in any way absolve a client from consulting their attending physician and/or following established medical prescriptions. Only a doctor can prescribe or modify a treatment. A Love Energetics® practitioner cannot under any circumstances be regarded as or confused with a doctor, psychologist or other health professional exercising a regulated profession.

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