1. Ask yourself, “Am I open to the possibility of change in my life?”
  2. If yes, then book your appointment.
  3. On the day of your appointment, wear comfortable clothes. For an in-person treatment flexible clothes (such as leggings and sweatpants) allows me to move your legs and arms because you remain fully dressed through the treatment. 
  4. For in-person appointments, come with clean hands and feet, as I will use pressure points on these parts of your body to test your pain levels.
  5. Prepare questions you may have beforehand and ask them at the beginning of our session.
  6. Assess your emotional, physical and mental stance and relay them to me before and after the treatment.
  7. As you begin the session, state to yourself “I allow myself to release all that is no longer needed so that I may heal to my natural state of health and well-being”, then ask, with as much curiosity as you can generate “I wonder what I am ready to surrender?
  8. As blockages are released, what is important will make itself known to you. Maintaining a stance of curiosity aids release by not identifying too much with the past emotional-thought patterns as they come out. This gives you “space” to be with the emotion of the pattern. Depending on how aware you are of your behaviour, it may take multiple sessions for deeply buried emotional-thought patterns to arise and release.
  9. Be sure to follow the after-treatment advice given in the consent form, to allow maximum healing in the days following the treatment as you are still integrating the changes.
  10. In the 5 days following the session continue to assess your emotional, physical and mental stance and note any changes.

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