1. Living beings appear to be made of matter, the physical.
  2. Matter is made of molecules; molecules are made of electrons, neutrons and protons; and at the fundamental core of electrons, neutrons and protons is energy. In other words, everything we see is made of energy.
  3. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but can be directed.
  4. Although our world appears to be physical, energy is non-physical and it underlies what we see and touch and there are genuine ways of directing the non-physical that creates the physical.
  5. Energy can be directed through the power of INTENTION.  
  6. Intention is a means by which we can bring healing and rejuvenation into our lives.
  7. Everyone has the ability to access intention and to makes these changes in their lives.
  8. Many guides, such as Dr. Wayne Dyer and Abraham-Hicks, have shown us one or more ways of tapping into the power of intention, through the use of positive affirmations, thinking and vibrations.
  9. Intention can be accessed in the now through placing our attention on our body and energy structure (the energy that makes up the non-physical part of us we cannot see).
  10. The Love Energetics® technique opens the gate to intention through meditation.
  11. The Love Energetics protocol teaches how to create intentions that will facilitate healing.
  12. Love Energetics is a means by which to transform the physical nature of your body through the direction of non-physical energy by an intention set through meditation.
  13. Love Energetics is primarily based on the heart space, a gateway to the “higher self”, which ensures that no harm can be done when intentions are set.
  14. All healing begins on the inside. Releasing energy blockages, such as negative emotions, thoughts and memories, helps the physical body to heal more easily.
  15. The powerfulness of Love Energetics is based on each person’s ability to allow the intentions placed on them to do their work. If you are open to the possibility of change, then Love Energetics will have an effect on you. If you are not open to change, then don’t expect Love Energetics and the power of intention to work.
  16. The less resistance you have during a Love Energetics session, the faster and more fluid transformation will be.

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