As intentions are directed towards shifting your energy in your non-physical structure and improving your physical, mental and emotional state of being during a Love Energetics® session, you may experience a number of sensations. You may feel:

  • A deep sense of sleepiness;
  • Calm and relaxed;
  • Nothing;
  • Small points of pain arising and releasing;
  • Warmth in different parts of the body;
  • Extreme cold in different parts of the body, especially the hands, or in general;
  • Memories arising and fading;
  • Strong emotions arising and dissipating;
  • Electrical currents inside and/or outside the body;
  • Expanded and/or released, like a weight is lifted off your body; and
  • Grounded.

No matter what arises, do your best to not be attached to it by focusing on your breathing or maintaining a feeling of openness and curiosity. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, it is important to express what is going on in you, even if you find it difficult to put into words. It is perfectly normal to want to cry during a Love Energetics session, so let yourself go and don’t worry about being emotional in front of me. In fact, congratulate yourself on letting go of what you no longer want because crying is a good sign that you are releasing.

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