1. Read all the preparation material to open yourself up to the powerfulness of this technique.
  2. Think about and write out what it is you want to heal.
  3. Book your session. 
  4. Begin to know yourself, by assess your physical, emotional and mental state of being on the day of your treatment. Share this information as well as what you are working towards healing with your practitioner and a close friend for moral support, if needed.
  5. Understand your tolerance or intolerance for pain and let me know, so I can adjust my scale.
  6. Ask me questions so that you can feel comfortable during the treatment.
  7. For in-person treatments, come alone if you feel having someone in the waiting room will interrupt your ability to be completely relaxed.
  8. Although you may feel relaxed to the point of sleeping during the session, try to maintain a feeling of openness and curiosity.
  9. Express any discomforts you sense during the treatment. If something particularly strong comes up, tell me how you feel.
  10. After your treatment and in the following days, monitor your behaviour and how you feel with regards to what you would like to heal, and, if possible, talk to people you feel comfortable expressing yourself to. Be sure to note improvements and recurrences and mentioned them at the follow-up.

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