One of the key areas of the physical and nonphysical body in which a Love Energetics® practitioner places their awareness on is the heart space. Operating from the heart space has significant power for both the practitioner and the client.

First, it is a space for higher vibrational states such as love, happiness, joy, and contentment. Operating within this vibration ensures that intentions cannot do any harm to the client or the practitioner and also reduces resistance within the Love Energetics practitioner. For the practitioner, placing awareness on the heart space opens up mindfulness, which increases their state of well-being and peace, with practice. For the client, being with a Love Energetics® practitioner, who is connected to their heart space, raises their vibration, through the principle of resonance.  Meaning, the higher vibration of the practitioner’s connection will increase the vibration of the client with exposure. The longer the meeting the greater the synchronous vibration.

Second, the heart space is a gateway to connecting to non-energy and higher levels of consciousness. It is theorized that the heart has an energetic field that is referred to as a Torsion field. Torsion fields are estimated to be one of the key energetic structures of the universe and it is possibly one of the key aspects of the human energy structures. For the practitioner, placing awareness on the heart space connects them to the realm of non-energy, allowing them to place intentions for healing on themselves and others.

Third, for a Love Energetics® practitioner placing awareness on the heart space opens up access to the “Higher Self.” The Higher Self can be referred to as the overall being of the non-physical body. Many cultures over time have tried to define the non-self and use terms such as Divine Presence, the “I AM” presence, Holy Spirit, or just simply, Love. For the Love Energetics® practitioner, working with the higher self, allows them to be in an expanded state and this translates to achieving results very quickly for the client.

The power of the heart for Love Energetics® practitioners and clients is many fold. The heart space operates within higher vibrational state, it is a gateway to non-energy and higher levels of consciousness, and it opens up access to the Higher Self. Combined these make Love Energetics® a powerful, and truly unique, energy healing technique.

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