Love Energetics® is a meditation-based energy healing technique. It teaches the energy practitioner to redirect attention from thoughts to both physical aspects of the body and non-physical aspects of their energy structure. This particular combination of attention allows the energy practitioner to connect to a level or dimension that can direct energy through an intention. Amazingly, belief in the non-physical, or human energy structure, is not needed for the technique to work. Simply being open to the possibility of change facilitates energy healing.

The Love Energetics technique is accompanied by a protocol, a specific sequence of intentions, that clears energy blockages and facilitates profound self-healing. The protocol is a sequential and holistic process that opens up the person to progressive healing. The protocol includes realigning certain structures of the physical body (including shoulder blades and hips); harmonizing emotional processing centers of the chakras in the human energy structure; clearing emotional blockages held within the intestines and organs; and releasing any residual pains in the periphery of the body (including head, arms, back and legs).

The Love Energetics protocol is a method of releasing blockages within the energy structure, including repressed emotions and memories as well as repetitive behavioural patterns, that have an effect on the physical body. As a result, it can significantly and permanently release pains and tensions. It also increases internal harmony at the emotional, mental and spiritual levels, increasing motivation and allowing people to make the changes they want to see in their life.

It is important to note that when a practitioner is in the Love Energetics meditation they are placing a great deal of attention on the heart space. As the heart is the gateway to the “higher self”, energy practitioners can only set intentions through love and can, therefore, never cause harm to another.

Love Energetics is a meditation technique and protocol that facilitates profound physical, emotional and mental healing in a progressive and holistic manner through intentions set in the field that directs energy at the level of the heart, ensuring no harm can be done. It:

  • Reduces stress;
  • Corrects posture problems without physical adjustments;
  • Helps relieve or clear away physical pains;
  • Improves general health;
  • Reduces cravings;
  • Improves motivation towards one’s ability to make changes in life (such as lifestyle or dietary changes);
  • Helps improve emotional states and frees suppressed emotions;
  • Heightens the feeling of inner well-being and peace;
  • Helps release and eliminate toxins in the body; and
  • Restores and increases our natural abilities to self-heal.

If you are accustomed to monitoring your behaviour, as Love Energetics helps to release emotional and physical pains stored in the physical and non-physical body, you may notice changes. You may notice it is easier to do things you previously thought were challenging. Even if you are not used to monitoring your behavior, don’t worry, others will comment on your behavioural changes.

Often, a series of Love Energetics sessions will align you with your desire to live a healthy and happy life and you will naturally start making the lifestyle and other changes needed to make it happen. The number of Love Energetic sessions you need will depend on how long you have had the behavioural patterns and your ability to integrate the intentions. For example, people in their 30’s can experience behavioural changes after 3 sessions.


Please note that a Love Energetics® practitioner cannot under any circumstances give you medical advice, diagnoses or prescriptions, or modify a treatment you are currently following. A Love Energetics® session does not in any way absolve a client from consulting their attending physician and/or following established medical prescriptions. Only a doctor can prescribe or modify a treatment. A Love Energetics® practitioner cannot under any circumstances be regarded as or confused with a doctor, psychologist or other health professional exercising a regulated profession.

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