Transforming our Power to Change

Welcome to spirituality!

Spirituality is giving yourself permission to understand what is beyond the material. Spirituality means discovering you are more than just your physical being. Spirituality is investigating the possibility that we are connected to others and that there is a greater whole. Spirituality means exploring our power within our world. When we are spiritual it brings a different quality to our life, and often this makes us feel better.

In this series of transformational entries I present ways for you to consider how your current temperament or stance may be affecting your quality of life. When we take the time to understand new ways of being, we open ourselves up to changing what we feel no longer works for us so that we can feel better. As we make the choice to transform we embrace spirituality.

This series of articles came about through self-reflection of the ways in which I changed over the years. The many journal entries I reviewed to writes this series both helped me to remember the nuances of my transformation as well as gain a greater understanding of how individual events accumulated into my wonderful new world of love and happiness.

I hope you enjoy my perspectives and practices in this series of transformational writings.