In our turbulent world of today, it is not hard to find examples of violence, pain and insensitivity. The news is always reporting another mass killing; the majority of televisions shows are based on war or violent actions; political discussions seem to always be centered around the lack of something, instead of what can we do with the resources at hand; and the list goes on. The reality is that it is probably more difficult not to be exposed to these lower vibrational feelings and actions. What many of us have come to realize is that these events often have very little reasoning to them and when we tune into our bodies and minds, being exposed to these events make us feel upset. As a consequence many of us are beginning to tune them out.

When we decide that we are fed up with seeing and hearing about these lower vibrational events we are making the choice to feel better. This choice is more powerful than you can imagine. It opens up a whole world of inquiry as to who you are and what you are meant to do. But this choice also brings up our conditioned lower vibrational patterns or our stuck energy. In other words, when we first make the choice to feel better, we often feel worse because something inside of us brings forth our conditioned patterns. These patterns come to the forefront of our minds and actions because they are presenting themselves for healing. This is the natural process of healing. It is easier to heal stuck energy when you are aware of it than when it remains hidden.

Our desire to transform lies in the fact that we all have built within us mechanisms for self-healing. To believe that we were born with the ability to change our world is not far-fetched but rather logical: as spiritual beings having a physical experience we came here to grow and expand; we cannot do this without a built-in mechanism for self-healing. Just think about the numerous stories and cases of people who were healed from life-threatening diseases after trying a form of alternative healing therapy, such as energy healing or going organic and vegan. It is in our nature to be able to heal ourselves as it is in our nature to take upon us the patterns of those around us until we learn otherwise.

Luckily, once we have cultivated the desire to feel better we’ve done half the work. The actual change itself is not complicated or confusing. Foremost, it is our desire to change how we feel that instigates our search for how it can be done. Then it is our Higher Self that ensures we find the appropriate resource, technique or tool to resolve the pattern given our current vibrational stance. The key is it to bring about sufficient understanding using the chosen resource, technique or tool so that conditioned patterns can dissipate. There are probably as many resources, techniques or tools as there are websites, but most of them are rooted in the same basic ideas: determining the underlying feeling-thought (conditioned pattern) and allowing yourself (acceptance and awareness) to be with that feeling-thought so that it can be released.

The other half of the work is then figuring out what pattern or specific feeling-thought is stuck inside you and releasing it. Some helpful questions are:

  1. How do I currently feel?
  2. If a negative (lower-vibration) feeling comes up, is there an event today and in my past that is causing me to feel this way?
  3. What is the thought associated with today’s and maybe past events?  
  4. Am I ready to be with this conditioned pattern (thought and feeling)?

If you are able to determine the pattern and are ready to sit in awareness (in meditation) with it, then you will be able to release it. The more you practice releasing emotions, the easier it becomes, the faster you release stuck energy and the lighter and more expanded you will feel.

In “The Panoramic Picture I explained two concepts that were frightening to me when I first encountered them, but now accept and implement them. These two concepts–every thought you think creates your reality and your natural state is perfect health and well-being–create an idea of the magnitude of change required within oneself in order to find permanent relief from negative feelings. When we accept that we have the natural ability to self-heal we open the doors to releasing lower-vibrational patterns. As a consequence of releasing our conditioned patterns we now have the ability to choose higher vibrational thoughts as frequently as we can remember to choose them. Furthermore, when we release feeling-thoughts that bring our vibration down, we are letting go of the patterns that create diseases and discomforts in our body and thus moving towards our natural state of perfect health and well-being. In other words, once enough stuck energy has been released we awaken our abilities to create our own realities by consciously choosing our thoughts and we easily take care of our bodies and health, so their natural state is restored.

Regardless of the world around us, we can all empower ourselves by making the choice to just feel better! Our life and culture doesn’t have to be so scary or stressful, it is our misunderstanding of how we are meant to use the gifts we were given that created a misguided reality. If we make the choice that no matter what we face we will find a good feeling and good thought associated with our actions, then there is no where to go but up.

When we choose to feel better we can then easily embrace our natural self-healing abilities and heal conditioned patterns because we are consciously choosing to go beyond the fearful thoughts passing through our minds and bodies. It is this decision–to no longer want lower-vibrations (negative feelings) set your current emotional state–that naturally opens the door to accepting our innate healing abilities. When we open this door we find resources, techniques or tools that teach us to analyze how we are feeling and what pattern is associated with lower vibrational moods as well as cultivate the awareness needed to release stuck energy. In doing so we achieve health, happiness and the ability to manifest the things we want in our world.