Transitioning from a state of discomfort to a state of harmony, where we flow with the ups and downs in our lives as they naturally occur, requires dedication and a deep desire to release all lower vibrational states. We can build up that desire through understanding what we are unintentionally doing to ourselves now.

Let’s start by taking a step back and looking at the broader nature of physical existence or reality. We know from studies in quantum physics that when we examine matter at its smallest level, below the level of atoms and quarks, it is composed of energy. Given this it stands to reason that the smallest measurable unit of physical existence is energy (in quantum physics this unit is called a photon). If everything is energy at its core then what is the means by which it is held together and directed?

From my perspective energy itself is intelligent. Energy is intelligent in its own right to ensure our world is held together in a functioning way. Energy has to have some level of self-awareness in order for it to be intelligent. The intelligence and self-awareness of energy can be witnessed in the self-functioning of different processes such as the rotation of the planets around the sun and the building of proteins in our cells. I believe the very fabric of our physical plane of existence is created out of intelligent energy that is self-aware so that it can ensure fluid functioning.

All energy has a certain vibration to it. Both tangible and intangible “things” have a vibrational frequency, such as a single organ in our body, our present emotional state, the atmosphere of the place we are in, or any one of our beloved objects. When we sense the “feeling” of a situation as we walk into a room full of people, without anyone saying anything, it is because we tuned into the energy of the room. The energy or vibration of many tangible things can be measured. For anyone that has had a bioenergetic scan your practitioner must have shown you the energy readout for each of your organs amongst other things.

I have come to believe that the intelligent energy of our mind and body can also be called our human energy structure. The human energy structure shares a direct connection from our bodies to our Higher Self as well as all energy. In other words, everything is energetically connected and that connection includes a higher order beyond our individual selves.

Given that the core of our nature is energy our Higher Self responds to us in many ways: through the vibrations of our voice, our thoughts, our feelings and our movement, to name a few. Some vibrations are more powerful than others, meaning they vibrate at a higher frequency. For example, in the range of vibrational states for feelings ones that cause disease and discomfort such as fear, anger, and anxiety, are in the lower range; and good vibrations, such as love, peace, joy, gratitude, excitement and passion, are within the higher range. The lower range of vibrational states correspond to negative feelings and the higher range correspond to positive feelings. What you are feeling in this moment is your current vibrational state.

quote 10Have you ever heard that what we give out is what we get back? What this means is that depending on what vibration we are sending to our Higher Self and Source (or Universe or God or your own term), we will receive the same. In other words, the intelligent energy that makes up our world responds to what we send it. For example, if we are in the lower vibration of guilt‒from a feeling and thought we have learned from a previous experience‒and we continuously place our awareness on this feeling, we will bring to ourselves further circumstances and situations that perpetuate the feeling of guilt. Likewise, if we are in the higher vibration of gratitude, and we are focusing on it with as much awareness that we can, we will attract more experiences that bring us the feeling of gratitude. This is known as the law of attraction.

Basically through our vibrations, whether it is consciously or unconsciously, we direct the intelligent energy that forms our world. If we are unconsciously vibrating stuck energy, then we are repeating the same feeling and thought over and over again. Each feeling and thought or belief that is stuck within us vibrating at a low level will eventually create discomfort and disease. Meaning, holding onto lower vibrational beliefs create discord that results in pain and sickness and forces us to seek healing.

When we understand that our beliefs are learned and repeated feelings and thoughts and that the disease or discomfort it creates results in sickness we can now make the choice to feel better and raise our vibration. When the time feels right and we choose to shift from directing our world unconsciously (by repeating beliefs over and over again) to creating it consciously (by choosing to feel higher vibrational states) we open the door to move to a higher vibrational level of Being, one that brings us Self-Harmony. In order to make this choice we must build enough understanding so that our shift doesn’t seem like a leap, but rather a logical step.

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