Are you so happy that when life throws you a curveball, you say “thank you for this lesson, it’s time I understood this”? Are you so happy that people admire the joy you naturally radiate? If you answered no, it is probably because you are not aligned with your natural state of health and well-being. Awakening to the diseases and discomforts inside provides an opportunity to choose to change. It is an opportunity to see ourselves as we really are and regain our natural state of perfect health and well-being. To get there it helps to understand where we currently are and to see that the end goal is within reach.

quote 11For many of us when we were young our happiness came naturally. But somewhere along the way we absorbed some feelings and thoughts which impeded our ability to live from a “space of joy”. In our search to feel better our parents may have told us that happiness is a feeling we get when we do something we love, and our family, community and society may have given us ideas about what we could do to be happier.  But all of that doesn’t scratch the surface of how happiness is meant to serve us in our daily life.

Happiness a high vibrational state that results in us feeling good. Feeling happy is an indicator of what you want to attract in your life. Meaning, when we are happy we know that we want more of whatever it was that made us feel that way. Happiness is also a tool to bring more of what you want into your life. Meaning, in any given situation where we feel happy we are radiating the vibration of happiness to the Universe and letting it know to bring us more. When we repeat happy feeling-thoughts in our mind and body, as we reminisce, we are also sending the same signal to the Universe and asking for similar vibrational experiences.

quote 16If you love to travel, as I do, every time you go somewhere, the excitement and newness of the place brings you to a space of joy. The more you vibrate from this space while you travel, or in recalling your traveling experiences, the more the Universe will bring you situations in which you get to travel.

Conversely, when we send out lower vibrational states we are bringing to ourselves things we do not want, such as illness, aches, and pains. These are the disease and discomforts that force us to seek healing from any source that can provide relief. If we truly want to release the lower vibrational states of our social conditionings we must develop the desire to consciously choose a higher vibrational state‒we must want to feel better‒and we must cultivate the courage to be with our lower vibrational states so they can be released from the mind and body.  

Although we may be skeptical we all possess the ability to understand and release our beliefs. Fearing change stems from resistance to understanding that we are capable of changing. Change is as simple or difficult as we believe it to be. Our relationship with change is formed by our feeling-thoughts related to it. On one hand, if our feeling-thought is vibrating at a low state then our conditionings can make change seem like trudging through mud. On the other hand, if we are vibrating at a high state, change will seem like bobbing down a gentle stream.

Once we decide that we want to feel better our lower vibrational beliefs about change are the first to elevate. In making the decision to feel better we are sending a message to our Higher Self letting it know it’s time to shift our attitudes towards change so we can rise up to a different vibrational space. Knowing that, the decision to change shifts your vibrational stance towards change, empowers you to move forward. No matter what the circumstances are, we know our first goal is to just feel better.

When we sit down for the first time and give ourselves permission to be with our lower vibrational states so the diseases and discomforts can be released from the mind and the body it might seem overwhelming or scary. But in any given practice, you always start with the higher vibrational state (i.e. feeling good), then move into the lower vibrational state, and end in radiating a higher vibrational state. With the meditation practices I describe in the section Transformational Exercises (coming soon) you will cultivate your ability to connect with the most powerful and highest vibrational space of your body–your heart. You will actively feel joy while you are focusing upon your heart. Once this joyful connection is established and you can willfully call up a higher vibrational state, allowing yourself to be with and release the lower ones becomes an experiment that you are willing to try. You need no prior experience with meditation and, depending on your current vibrational state, it may take only one meditation session to learn how to do this. As you practice being with and releasing lower vibrational states you can move from the comfort of your own home to everyday situations. The more lower vibrations you liberate from the mind and body the higher you will vibrate. Our end goal of being happier, healthier people is no longer a distant, scary ideal, but within reach. Depending on much you practice per day, your life can be very different within a few short months. 

quote 12I once read that the Power that has created each of us has given us the power to create our own circumstances; I have liberated enough lower vibrational states that I now know we just need to take the time to release our social conditionings to remember that we are creators in service to humanity. It is our desire for a lower vibrational state to never determine our experience that allows us to bloom into the greater understanding needed to fulfill our purpose of serving others as well as our dreams. When we solidify our desire to always feel better we are simultaneously opening the door to understanding our true power.

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