In “How Stuck are We”  I discussed some of the ways in which we do not realize that our energy is not flowing freely, resulting in us being unknowingly stuck. If we accept the concept that we have stuck energy or patterns within us that prevent us from having what we want, then in order to open ourselves up to understanding the ways in which we are stuck, we must take a step back to gain an understanding of the broader picture. In this blog I share with you two concepts that I wish I knew when I first started my healing journey.

One of the key things I wish I knew when I decided that I wanted to live a happier life was that the Universal Law of every thought we think creates our reality is not a frightening concept but an empowering process. Accepting the idea that every thought we think creates our reality was so maddening and frightening that when I first came upon it it disempowered my will to continue my spiritual journey. It was such an overwhelming concept for me that I felt it impeded my progress towards happiness. Looking back, what I wish I understood was that this idea is meant to be empowering because we are all given the natural ability to change our thoughts. So the little known Universal Law that couples with every thought we think creates our reality is every thought we think is a choice and we have the power to choose our thoughts once we achieve realization of that power. The choice to think what we want is made unconsciously until we accept that our minds were created to be wonderful thinking tools and we can control what passes through it, then we can consciously choose our thoughts. In other words, to achieve realization of the power of our minds we need only to open the door to accepting its true purpose and function.

What I now understand and wish someone had clearly spelt out to me over 20 years ago was that learning to change our thoughts to create a reality that we love and adore is not a complicated, confusing process but so simplistic that once you grasp it you’ll laugh at how fooled you were in the beginning. It is the voices in our head (the ego) that create feeling-thoughts to make it seem that change is frightening and nearly impossible. And since we don’t have much understanding outside the voices in our heads we are limited in how we can instigate change. We are unaware of our abilities to let go of the lower vibrations of fear and live from a space of Joy.

When we choose to heal, we are choosing to release the parts of ourselves that identify with fear.

It is the voices in our heads that created the fear in the first place. Without this fear you wouldn’t even listen to the voices. The voices are those of the people that surrounded us as we grew up. They instilled in us their own patterns unknowingly. These patterns created by the voices we hear in our mind bring up a multitude of fears so that we will feel overwhelmed and listen to them. When we were young we didn’t know that we could dismiss these voices so we listened. No one told us that we were not the voices and thoughts that passed through our minds and that our minds were just thinking tools meant to create your reality, so we continued to listen. The people surrounding us didn’t give us sufficient and continuous positive reinforcement to abate all the fears we were voicing, so we listened some more. And as we continued to listen to the fear-based thoughts we began to identify with them. As our identification grew the voices came together into one single voice.

This voice distracts us from our natural abilities to such a degree that we forgot about them. Now seeing beyond the fear is unbelievable to most of us. The way to break this distraction is to build up enough understanding so that the fear theses voices instigate in your body no longer has a hold on you. Once a fearful thought is recognized as a distraction, the chemical reaction that creates fear in the body can be undone. Then we can start to analyze our thoughts and release unwanted patterns bit by bit. All that to say, we are born with the ability to choose every thought we think until the accumulation of the voices in our heads build up enough fear-based thoughts that we identify with them and forget our true abilities: that our minds are thinking tools with the ability to choose every thought we think to create a divinely-inspired reality.

Another concept that I wish I understood when I started my spiritual investigations was that we are designed to be self-healing beings. I have come to realize that our natural state is perfect health and wellbeing. What I wish I knew twenty years ago is that we are not in our natural state because we are too distracted to listen to the parts of us that show us the door to self-healing. Our mind and body bring up beliefs and feelings to show us what remains to be healed. Much of the thoughts that enter our mind are repeating patterns based on fear. These thoughts and their associated feelings represent what we need to emotionally accept, resolve and release.

Most of the time we are unaware that we have locked ourselves into specific ways of acting or being, so we are asleep as to how our conditioned lenses create what we experience. When we repeat these patterns we often bring circumstances to ourselves that are not agreeable. As we accumulate experiences that are not agreeable we often tune out how we feel (see the Frigity of Fear). We do this because we are tired of feeling bad. If we give ourselves the opportunity to acknowledge how we feel, and maybe even analyze our feelings, we can then awaken our ability to accept our feelings regardless if they are good or bad.

Acceptance opens the door to building understanding and the ability to resolve what conflicted thoughts and feelings arise within. Acceptance is not giving in; acceptance is a gateway that we choose to open so we can bring in understanding. In facilitating the flow of understanding we can now question our subconscious or Higher Self about why we have a specific feeling-thought and what it represents. In this newfound understanding we experience both the resolution and release of the fear-based feeling-thought. In other words, understanding has the ability to bring about resolution and release. The key is to be able to construct the right question to create understanding and to hear Higher Self when the answer comes. When we use this method of self-inquiry, the process of acceptance, resolution and release is self-fulfilling, meaning it resolves what our minds and bodies bring to our attention for healing. Knowing that we have built within us a mechanism to resolve our conflicting feelings and thoughts means that we are designed to be self-healing beings.

When we grasp what our natural abilities are and what we are really capable of being, we gain understanding of the panoramic picture that is our reality. Why just have the part of the world that you value, when you can have the whole thing? Because you are unknowingly afraid of holding the world in the palm of your hands…you are afraid of deliberately thinking every thought you think so you can create a reality that is divinely inspired and heal to your natural state of perfect health and well-being. These are our natural abilities; unlearning the fears that are preventing you from embracing them is your spiritual quest. Godspeed.

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