When I came across a powerful message in Marianne Williamson’s A Return to Love it made me pause and reflect, but not in a thinking way, in a way that allowed the vibration of the statement to flow throughout me. I first read the statement in my head and then out loud to the empty room. It goes…

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.”

quote 6The vibration of this statement sent shivers through my physical body and reverberated through my energy structure, or what feels like the space around me. Even today, I can sense its powerful effects. In reading this statement my Higher Self brought me multiple realizations.

We suffer until our understanding that arises from dwelling Within is greater. Until we have built up enough spiritual realizations about who we are and our purpose here on this physical plane we must endure our identification with the dominate voice or voices in our mind, often called our ego.

We live moment-to-moment in a world the size of our understanding. Our identification with the dominant voice or voices of our mind tricks us into believing that is who we are. When we were born, we came into this physical plane of existence knowing all that we needed to know. We knew our true nature was to be creators in service to humanity because we were fully present to our Higher Self in a wonderful vibrational state of Being. It is through observing others, who identify with the voice in their minds, that we came to adopt this behaviour. As we make the choice to release negative identifications, our unwanted social conditionings, and venture into what we believe is unknown territory, we are in fact deciding to remember who we really are. We are choosing to realign our vibration with our Higher Self. quote 7

When we can awaken to the moments in our lives as they unfold in the Now, old discomforts dissipate. Releasing our negative identifications means we choose to let go of what makes us feel uncomfortable in our own bodies, our aches and pains and other discomforts. We do this by allowing ourselves to be with our thoughts and feelings as they arise each moment and let them flow out. We decide to set them free because we simply do not want the discomfort or disease in our lives anymore. As we release we are letting go of not only the physical unrest, but also the associated belief‒the feeling and thought that creates our unwanted social conditioning. Each release creates space, energetically, for something else to arise.

quote 8When we unlearn what creates physical discomforts, we transform our energy, giving our Higher Self the freedom to make greater things happen in our lives. When we make the choice to release our unwanted social conditionings, the physical unrest and associated feeling and thought, we are setting an intention within us that our Higher Self can act upon. At the smallest level of physical measurement, below the level of chemical reactions, our social conditionings can simply be referred to as stuck energy. As the dense energy of discomforts are felt and allowed to dissipate from the body, the vibration of the energy changes and our Higher Self can put this lighter, higher vibrational energy to a different use. The more discomforts and associated beliefs that we release, the more energy can flow and the lighter we feel. When we choose to release our unwanted social conditionings, we are deciding to live from a higher vibration, closer to our Higher Self. It is at this stage that we begin to feel life and our desires flowing more fluidly. 

As our energy is transformed from heavy to light, our Higher Self ensures it flows towards our desires and fulfilling our purpose. The more conditionings we release the more energy there is to flow and when we reach a certain level, determined by our Higher Self, a new dawn begins. In this era of our life we sense and release physical discomforts and beliefs much more easily because we have practiced sufficiently; the paths to achieving our desires and purpose become more vivid; and action to achieving what we want and fulfilling our higher purpose is now more exciting than frightening. It is also at this stage that our extra-sensory abilities become less fearful and our experiences bring us to question the nature of reality. When such questions arise, we begin to sense that we are truly powerful beyond our imaginings.

As I thanked my Higher Self for bringing greater clarity to my transformational process I reflected on the many moments in my life in which I found myself trembling uncontrollably. I could see now that in most of those moments I was completely unaware that I was frightened. I just thought I needed to wear warmer clothes or exercise more. Despite this unconscious fear my desire to heal myself, to keep chipping away at the unwanted discomforts within me, ensured that I had what I needed to release my social conditionings so I could flow into Being and realign with my Higher Self.

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