My testimony as a translator of this site from English to French is based on how the words have affected me as I worked and is different from other testimonies. Although I received a partial treatment, the feelings were more about when I was translating her words from the website. I knew Leah between 2013 and 2014 and at that time both of us worked in our respective fields with the objective of making others understand the merits of the concept of “sustainable and responsible management”. Read more…


My situation was unbearable when I first started receiving long-distance treatments from Leah. During the sessions I usually felt areas where warmth would arise and then dissipate. Within a couple of months, I found I was better able to cope with my situation. Within a few months, I discovered it was easier for me to take action to change aspects of my situation. Now, although my overall situation hasn’t changed, I am so different; I feel so strong that my situation no longer distresses me and I am in a better position to give my wife the support she needs to heal. Long distance Love Energetics sessions with Leah have changed my life and are amazingly effective. 

Dennis, Germany

I have received a number of long-distance treatments from Leah over a period of a few months. The treatments always made me relaxed and sleepy (I almost fell off my chair during one session). At first I did not know what to expect, but over time I found that my body became less stiff and my migrating joint pains decreased. What has astonished me is that I have made a series of lifestyle changes so that now I eat healthier, exercise more and take good care of my health. I’m forever grateful to you Leah and Love Energetics!

Molly, Massachusetts, USA

Treatments with Leah have helped me both physically and mentally. The Love Energetics technique has released tension and blockages in both my body and my mind, and the effects of a session with Leah last far beyond her massage table. She has been instrumental on my healing journey from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and I am forever grateful. Trying is believing…

Annesa, Brossard

Love Energetics treatments have helped me to release a lot of stiffness, aches and pain all over my body and to become more sensitive to foods that do not agree with me. As a result, I pay much more attention to what I eat now, then I ever did before, and it is easier to manage my sugar levels and diabetes. Thank you, Leah.

Shafeek, Brossard

I’ve enjoyed several sessions with Leah. She listens well, is so grounded & is tremendously intuitive. Leah, I’ve always appreciated how in-tune you are with what’s going-on with the energy-flow during a treatment…& how persistently you work to release my blockages! I’ve made excellent progress & feel far more comfortable & present. And I feel very relaxed working with you. Leah, thank you much!

David, Montreal

I always feel deeply relaxed and sleepy after a Love Energetics session. It has helped me to release chronic pain in my right shoulder from using the computer at work. It’s nice not to have to live with this pain in my retirement. Thank you Leah and Love Energetics.

Rosama, Brossard