My testimony as a translator of this site from English to French is based on how the words have affected me and is different from other testimonies.

Although I received a partial treatment, the feelings were more about when I was translating her words from the website. I knew Leah between 2013 and 2014 and at that time both of us worked in our respective fields with the objective of making others understand the merits of the concept of “sustainable and responsible management”. Leah was really a quiet, reserved person but at the same time when you were close to her, it was like a certain explosiveness inside her. After meeting in 2014 in Cameroon, 4 years later, I find myself in Montreal and “boom” Leah has completely changed her “field of activity”. At this point, I was really curious to know more about this change and I began seriously to ask myself questions about the motivations and root causes of this change, especially when she gave me the “leah transform” track. We discussed the possibilities of translation and that’s really where my adventure started.

My adventure is a bit particular. Translating the different sections of the website had a real impact on me. When I got to Montréal, I was going through a difficult transition, I had left my family all those I knew to start in a new city with new people. Overall, I was pretty stressed. The level of this stress was rising everyday depending on my daily life. But something really changed inside me when I began to translate. I remember the first pages I receive, it was more for me like a job or some duties to fulfil. As I translator, you are supposed to get the sense of what the person is saying and for me what Leah was saying engaged me in the writing. The first step is when I found myself talking in front of “a mirror”, I had never done that before! Now I was repeating some “transformational writing and sayings”.

The second step was when I opened myself to Leah because of some situation I was facing. I still remember the night when I was translating the part of “our power to change” surrounded by a series of unfortunate events. The more I was reading the more I was feeling myself immersed in Leah’s stories. I also remember that it gave me a kind of inner peace to the point where I fell asleep while translating and my nephew in the morning told me that I was smiling in my dreams. This is really something that I wanted to share because the power of words has an enormous potential to affect us, even what we are thinking. Today, I am a bit more open than before and I am trying to really see things in a “positive” way.

I invite patients to read the “transformational writing’s and saying” and “our power to change”. According to me, those two parts stand out and describe in my opinion what most of us feel. This will help to better understand what we need to change in ourselves. I am grateful because it helps me to go through a rather difficult “period” in my life and I thank GOD for allowing me to be part of Leah,s adventure. For sure, more challenge is coming.

Thank you, dear Leah, your stories have also indirect positive impact on people.